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I thought I'd take this time to say welcome to the Metal of Honor community. I'm starting this to try to give players a place to talk about Medal of Honor and to meet new players.
If you have a link you'd like posted let me know and I'll add it to the community info area.
Once you join please introduce yourself.

I am Tweek Monkey. I play for the clan Slackers or SLKRS. I'm actually one of the "leaders". We really arent that big and are more of a friends clan than anything else. We are however looking at join the OGL ranks soon. The Slackers mostly play on the 7th Enforcers' clan server. Thier website is
It's an Obj server with a custom realism mod in use. We are also running a flamethrower mod. a client side pk3is needed to see and use this.
I have been playing for about 2 years. maybe a little longer, but who's really keeping track.
Well, hopefully we will get new members in soon.
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